The Right Contractor

If you want the building to turn out right, you need the hire the right contractor. The right contractor for your project will have recommendations and reviews to support his work. He will have a construction crew, vendors for finishing and utilities work, and access to equipment. Remember to plan and consult with your contractor before and during construction. Bring any of your concerns, general and specific, to his attention, and listen to his counsel.

Location Is Key

Your location is key to the value and design of the building. Consider how much traffic will be running by the building, what style will match other buildings, and how much the location will cost.

Proper Licensing

All construction projects need licensing. You will need licenses from the county to break ground at certain locations, and you will need a permit to make buildings certain heights depending on the neighborhood.

Heavy Machinery

Remember that all major construction projects require heavy machinery. You need to have a place set aside to house the machinery during construction to keep it out of the way and accounted for.

Project Delays

Embark on your construction project with a time schedule, including estimates for foundation and framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and total completion. Having a schedule will give you an idea of where you need to be.

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